The Settlers of Tandria

My Responsibilities

  • Lead Programmer
  • Game-Logic

Gameplay Video


The Settlers of Tandria requires your full strategic potential and power of deduction to succeed in thrilling real-time battles.
Do you have what it takes to become a powerful lord?

  • 2 players on 1 iPad: Discover an addictive and thrilling multiplayer experience
  • Action packed strategy: Use your cleverness and fast reaction to make sure you will win the battle.
  • Skirmish game mode: Fight against your friends or the AI on randomly created maps.
  • Campaign: A challenging single player mode that explains the controls and gameplay step by step.
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls: Drag your units across the map and construct new buildings using simple finger movement.
  • Fast-forward anytime: Fast forward the game to bypass long construction times.
  • Easy to learn and addictive: The intuitive gameplay allows everyone to master the game.